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Welcome to my blog. My goal in writing this blog is to share useful  information I have found along the way and provide inspiration to those of you that are new to internet business as well as those entrepreneurs that are having challenges. This year I have shifted my focus a bit more to healthy living.   Don’t worry, I will still be posting articles about doing business on the internet.  I think it is important to have a healthy lifestyle while you are building your business.   I hope you find my blog helpful. Thank you for visiting and I wish you much success.

Tips on How to Make the “Dreaded” Cold Call not so “Dreadful”

If you are dreading making those “Cold Calls” as I was, I hope these tips and suggestions help you become more confident. Upon researching this subject I found some similarities the experts use. Here are some helpful tips.

First it is important to be knowledgeable about your product or service you are selling. Be an expert.

Pre-qualify your list

It is important to pre-qualify your list in order to cut down a lot of rejection because your product or service is not a good fit for their needs.

Who is the person who typically buys your product or service?

Is this person the decision maker?

To determine this it can be as simple as doing a Google search on the company or looking up the prospect on LinkedIn, Try to find a personal connection with your prospects. Your research might reveal that you share interests in common.

Develop a script but don’t sound scripted: In the business of cold calling, Read the rest of this entry »

Need a Safe Disinfectant…Why Not Go Green and Put Cash in Your Pocket

Kangen, Strong Acidic water,  2.5 Ph,  is a powerful disinfectant without the use of chemicals.  (This is only one of the Ph levels produced by the Kangen water machine.)  This is not suitable for drinking.

Some of the many uses for the 2.5 Ph are:

  • Hand sanitizer –  put in spray bottle and mist on.
  • Wash your hands then rinse with Strong Acidic Water to disinfect.
  • Clean cuts and scrapes/ spray on burns.
  • Soak feet to resolve fungal toenails and athlete’s foot.
  • Dab on cold sores, pimples – for bacteria and viruses.
  • Disinfect tooth brushes.
  • Brush teeth with – Gargle for 1 minute to kill bacteria.  Also provides safe bleaching of the teeth.  Rinse acid water off teeth when through gargling and brushing.
  • Water acid-loving plants – Use 3 times during growing season for growth and blossoms.
  • For cleaning foods – Keep water running to ensure continuous disinfection.  Short time only.
  • Disinfect utensils, dish cloths, towels and containers – Use separate container when washing.  Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Wash metal objects. – Wash with Strong Acidic water, then rinse with tap water – allow tap water to clean out drain.
  • Spray on counters/ surfaces.
  • Remove stains from clothes.
  • Use as insecticidal.

So many uses…plus this could be the business opportunity you are looking for.  I personally use this machine and highly recommend it for your health and potential wealth.   For more information  call the Hydration Station at (360) 390-4713 or if you are in beautiful Port Townsend, WA come by and join us for a Water Demonstration any Tuesday night @ 7:00 pm.  Just tell them Elva sent you and enjoy the informative evening.

Hydration Station is located at 2108 W Sims Way. Port Townsend, WA 98368


Water pH Levels

A Spectrum Of pH Levels With Kangen In Port Townsend.  Interested ??   Join us for a Water Demonstration any Tuesday night at The Hydration Station Store in Port Townsend, WA @ 7:00 pm.  Just tell them Elva sent you and enjoy the informative evening. 2455 Jefferson St. Port Townsend, WA 98368

Kangen water helps you maintain your health by helping restore your body to a more alkaline state. Through the use of filters and electrolysis the Kangen Water machine produces delicious, balanced pH water.

Our community in 98368 benefits not only from pH adjusted Kangen water but also from the Port Townsend Enagic direct sales opportunity. You can be your own boss and supplement your income while helping Port Townsend friends and neighbors support their health. Entrepreneurs in Port Townsend recognize the quality of Kangen water machines and want to provide a way for the people in their Washington community to experience the health benefits of drinking pH balanced water – all while building a residual income business.

Take a Break

Walking is a great stress reliever.  When you have “writers block” or other things troubling you, drop everything and take a walk.  You never know what you will see that will inspire you. This is what I saw while on my walk at the beach… sparkles like a diamond.

How to Choose an Network Marketing Opportunity- Tips

What I am not writing in this post is a list of companies, good or bad.  What my intent here is to help you do your “due diligence” before you sign on with any network marketing company.

Many home business opportunities are suitable for part time work but, Network marketing is just like any other business–there are good ones and bad ones. You just have to do your home work. I have listed a few tips to help you research the company you are thinking of joining.

Your first point of contact with your prospective network marketing business is likely to be your sponsor.  Even though you may know this person it is always better to check the company out yourself.

Some things to look for are: Read the rest of this entry »

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